Hell, these people don’t give a damn anymore! If they want to catch you, they will do it. If they want to prosecute you they will find all the evidence to prosecute you. They can even find you guilty for a crime which you have not done because they can always invent one meant specifically for you! They can do what they want as they please! Mind you, these are sick people who are fighting for survival. They can even go to the extent of….murder!

What happened to Marina, Karpal, Ezam and the editor and printer of Harakah are clear examples of sheer intimidation, arrogance and abuses of power! They don’t care anymore what the rakyat will think. To them, it’s a matter of survival. Survival instincts of not only Mahathir, his family and conspirators but also those who have been dragged into this political fiasco. Even some high ranking police personnel and the judiciary are also involved!

What they are doing is absolutely crazy but to them, what the hell, why give a damn! They are virtually declaring war! The battle is not over yet. They will continue to clean up until everybody accepts their version of the story! Meanwhile, their very much controlled media will continue to hound us with all their propagandas and filthy lies. They can twist facts as they please because they have the immunity. You can be charged and found guilty over similar things which they have done earlier but they could get away with it but not you!

As for Mahathir, don’t touch him, don’t run him down ‘cos he has all the immunity in the world. He can continue to lie through his teeth and get away with things. With some sections of the police and judiciary behind him, he can virtually do anything at his whims and fancies. Afterall, who dares to challenge him? If one is daring enough, just face the consequences, all the dirt will come out. Mind you, even those which are nonexistent can be made to appear real! Look what he did to the Sultans before when their shits were splashed in the media…for not toeing his line, this will incur his wrath. Just be prepared to face the music!

Forget about the laws because laws do not apply in this catch 22 situation. They can twist and turn whatever laws one refers to. Laws here are meant to be highly selective! If they don’t like you, they can always invent something to corner you! In the end, they win, we loose! Look at the case of the former IGP who can still celebrate his Raya with his family and plays golf with his friends!!

Forget about ethics too because its no longer a fair and square game. What ethics are we talking about when its more of a question of survival. Mind you, we are no longer dealing with ordinary human beings with conscience but human beings with animal instinct wanting to survive! Kill or be killed!

These are the sort of democracy that we are going to contend with in the new millennium- a new version of democracy where intimidation is the name of the game with our basic human rights being curtailed and laws being abused at the whims and fancies of a handful few in power. We are living in a state of fear and anarchy! Hell, they don’t give a damn!! What shall we do next??

Salam Dari Awang Siber