Ling Liong Sik Please Shut Up!
         You are just a Chinese Haman. Shut your bloody shit mouth. When Maha bullshit, said why did it take DSAI 14 days to get the alleged arsenic acid poisoning  reported to the authorities, you thoughtlessly echoed an identical statement to the press in  support of your Maha boss. Certainly you  should realize, DSAI only took ONE day after having received the results of the urine tests to file the  police report attaching together with it the lab test report. How Maha bullshit came up with 14 days,          only God knows. But is it any surprise that you MUST parrot what the Maha boss has said, even though it is factually wrong.

          Of course now you will say the 14 days include the day the sample was sent for testing to the PJ branch of Gribbles Pathology Lab. But why should it be so? Under the present political circumstances, who would believe Anwar if he makes a police report  that he suspected that he is being poisoned with no document to support his allegations? Even with documented professional lab test results, the powers-that-be tried every manner possible deflect the issue, from accusing the poisoning could have been "inflicted" by Anwar himself or by his family members in order "gain attention and political mileage", to the possibility the the urine sample belonged to someone else!!!

          How preposterous!! In any case, the Anwar team must be congratulated for "BEING VERY, VERY SMART IN ITS ABILITY TO OBTAIN URINE SAMPLE FROM SOMEONE WHO HAS A VERY HIGH CONTENT OF ARSENIC POISONING IN HIS BODY". And I'm  wondering which hospital in Malaysia has that kind of patient in August (last month) which can be traced with ease and his urine sample taken so that it can be used to allege that Anwar has been  poisoned.

          Come on, Ling, certainly you're more intelligent that. I would have preferred accusing Anwar of putting arsenic acis into his urine and sending it to the lab for confirmation of arsenic acid poisoning. That would be more plausible and acceptable.

          Well, the episode only goes to show that everyone is so eager to please the Maha boss, even at the  expense to exposing a very high degree of stupidity. Or is it deliberately done so that the electorate  knows what you really are?

          Ling ...a a a ... why don't you stay out and save your political skin?

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