I don't trust the ACA and Police
To whom it may concern

The PM and his government do not seem to be the least bothered that  the police, the ACA, the Judiciary and the Executive have lost the respect of the people and the international community. There are many people in the BN who think that such a trust is irrelevant to the running the daily affairs of state. And not a single attempt have been made to redeem lost grounds in this areas.. The ramifications of  the people distrust in these institution can be catastrophic in the future. Take this simple scenario.
I have strong evidence of corruption in my working place  and in certain  high places of government. I have also evidence to help the police solve many crimes in my area. I may be a witness to an accident. I may even be a prospective crown witness to several killings and rapes in my area.

BUT I WILL COME FORWARD to assist the ACA nor the police.
Why should I give evidence to the ACA when I do not trust this institution and Ahmad Zaki, its boss?

Why should I bother to get a small time civil servant into trouble when VIPs like Rafidah, Daim and Eric Chia are being protected by the PM?

There is still a fear in me that I would get into trouble if I blow the whistle on some corrupted civil servant or politician who has strong political connections.

Why should I bother tipping off the police when I don't trust them either? I don't trust the present IGP because he hasn't proved himself to be an independent police chief 'who dare act without fear or favour' . Then why hasn't he acted on the reports lodged against government ministers?

Why should I get a small time criminal into trouble when VIP's  like Rahim Noor and Rahim Thamby Chik are  protected by the PM?

Even a young rape victim who lodged a report against a chief minister got herself into trouble!!! What assurance is there that I can be protected for being a whistle blower.?

I am afraid that I may get into trouble if I tip off the police regarding crimes committed by people with political connections.
Of course, I don't trust the courts. How could I, when judges act like clowns?. How could I ever turn to the Malaysian courts for justice after having seen the idiotic performance of our judges? And the AG- a dispicable person  whose name I wouldn't wish to utter with my lips.

I can assure you there are many Malaysians who think like me. Tell  me PDRM and ACA what is going to happen to this country when people loose trust in you?. How could you function as an honourable institution if the citizens do not trust you?
Yes, ACA, you are the tool of the government. And police, you are the terrorists  the people would love to avoid.
I am ashamed of my countrymen who have abused their trust placed in them. We have failed as a race and as a people who have sacrifced our dignity, morality and decency in order to prop up a thoroughly dishonourable government and its PM.
Now Ibrahim Kataki call me a traitor for all that I care?

A helpless and loyal Malaysian