Madness Breeds Madness
It was about 2 weeks ago when I witnessed a disgusting incident at one of the UMNO ceramahs in Kota Bharu. I was staying in the neighbourhood at the place of the ceramah which saw 3 Dato's delivering their slanderous, nonsensical and mad speeches, no different from those of their great leader. In the crowd was this guy, a poor fellow in his mid-thirties whom we in the neighbourhood all know as mentally unsound. Probably out of disgust or whatever, he blurted out : "Mahathir pembohong!"

Immediately, about 5 men rushed up to him and gave him a good beating. He bled from the face. The crowd (the neighbours actually) intervened and pulled him away. Otherwise he could have died or perhaps got more unsound. From the looks, the aggressors were definately some form of degraded life form. They bore no remorse for what they have done. In fact they were very arrogant about it. What! hitting a mad man or a mentally retarded man? Have they no heart? Have they no sense? As far
as I know only the mad can hit the mad. No normal person would do it. Take my word for it. I am a trained psychiatrist with 15 years experience in studying and treating mentally ill people. Even animals will not attack another animal who has gone beserk!

I have lost all respects for UMNO since that night. I know why it has become like this. The head has become mad. So has the whole body. The body  acts out only what the head tells it to do. It has nothing to do with the head of the shit. It is the head which has become shit. I shudder to think what will happen to us all if this head still continue to rule.